Georgia Brodrick, a 22 year old dancer, recovered after she jumped off an eighth-storey balcony in a vital attempt to escape from her vicious boyfriend.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, Brodrick called her dad on July 17 in the morning from her apartment in Melbourne, Australia, begging him to come and pick her up.

She had just found out her boyfriend had cheated on her despite his physical abuse towards her.

When she waited for dad and he couldn’t make it on time so she then jumped off the balcony of the apartment and landed on a fence, with her body bouncing into a nearby ditch.

She was rushed to the hospital where she was put into an induced coma for emergency surgery.

Her injuries were so bad that doctors gave her a 10% chance of survival, as she spent three weeks on the trauma ward being fed through a tube.

She miraculously survived, although she has no memory of the distressing moments before she jumped. She is now with her family as she recovers.

“If I tried to leave him he would sit at the front door and wouldn’t let me out of the apartment,” she said

“My family tried to warn me because they could see through his manipulation, so he constantly put them down and blamed them for my insecurities.

“He made me feel like he was the only person who truly loved me.”


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